About Us


CoolCo was awarded a franchise agreement with the city to provide district energy service within the Central Business District (CBD) of Cincinnati, Ohio. It began operation in 1997. Currently, a central plant and a satellite plant can produce 10,000+ tons of chilled water which is piped throughout the Cincinnati Central Business District to serve individual buildings with chilled water to meet their respective cooling needs. The customer base includes commercial office buildings, retail and hotel facilities, government buildings and institutional facilities. District energy services allow for lower construction cost, while increasing system reliability. It can also help older buildings to remain competitive by avoiding the expense of replacing aging cooling equipment, many of which utilize chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a substance banned from further production by the Clean Air Act.

Our Mission

  • Increased Reliability (99.999%); Due to High Standards and Equipment Redundancy.
  • Decrease Initial Capital Investment.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Eliminate Service Contracts.
  • Save Building Space for More Valuable Purposes.
  • Longer Plant Life, Flexibility of Loads and Enhanced Efficiency.
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Customer Relations

We strive to have direct relationships with our current customers and potential customers, to understand their cooling needs. We then efficiently supply those cooling needs to the customer.